Let's make your home a more JOYFUL place to be!

  • Fung Shui Design

  • Interior Decorating

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Organization & Decluttering

  • Home Photography & Staging

  • AirBnB Design & Cleaning

  • Gardening

My Craft

I take a Fung Shui approach to everything I do in order to create flow, warmth, and positive energy within your home.

Interior Design

What separates me from the rest?

I thrive for excellence in everything I do.  I am very detailed oriented and see things that most do not.


I very much cherish building long-lasting relationships with my clientele and hope to create the best experience possible every time I step foot in someone's home.

My Design Philosophy

A home should be the place that fuels you, rejuvenates you, and cares for you and your family.  It is a place that holds valuable treasures and nick-nacks collected from the journey of

your life. 


Taking your home to the next level is what I strive for.  Utilizing what you already have, organizing it, cleaning it, and making it sparkle at every turn while giving the grace and style it deserves.