Meet Rebecca Joy

- The Backstory -


I was the oldest child of two, raised by a single mother who worked two jobs in order to grant us a wonderful and fruitful life.  I needed to learn from a young age how to help out around the house and found that I thrived there.  Of course, it started with normal daily chores but grew into larger areas of the house, then the whole house, and then the yard. 

- The Middle Ground -

I was a singer, dancer, actress and spent most of my adult life on stage or teaching and choreographing.  Due to entertainment being my ultimate passion in life but falling within the boundaries of being a starving artist, I needed to supplement my income with something else.  I found myself turning to what I knew best which was organizing and decorating homes.  I was just good at it and enjoyed making someone else's home feel beautiful, cozy, and welcoming as if it were my own.


- Coming Full Circle-

For the last decade, I owned and operated an entertainment production company.  I worked with large corporations to design their yearly galas and fundraisers.  Once I became a mother of two precious boys within 16 months apart from one another, I came to the realization I needed to let that career path go, and do something else to supplement our income while staying home with my children as much as possible.  So I began Joyful Home.